Friday, October 22, 2010

Pellissier Village Equestrian District, Whittier, Cal.

My routine freeway off-ramp is Peck Road on the 605 freeway south after the interchange from the east 60 Pomona Freeway.  I often noticed a neighborhood peeking through the trees or freeway wall, and one day I decided to make a right turn onto Kella Avenue after taking the off-ramp.

To my pleasant surprise, I came upon a sign proclaiming Pellissier Village Equestrian District.  I drove further and saw a lot of indications for the celebration of the horse.  There were even men, young women and children slowly horseback riding along the narrow residential streets.  Many of these people probably rode from a quarter mile away where there are horse stables.  (I found a reference on the web that the neighborhood was designated an equestrian district in 1972.)

There is only one entry way and one exit out of the neighborhood, and that is at the terminus of the Peck Road exit off of the 605 Freeway south.  The Village sit on unincorporated Whittier and is landlocked by the Pomona Freeway, the 605 Freeway, and slices of land situating industrial buildings that are within the boundaries of the City of Industry. 

A freeway sound barrier separates the 605 San Gabriel Freeway from the Village.

Charming whimsy abounds.
All of the homes south of Pellissier Road were built in 1948.  There are several homes north of Pellissier Road on Famosa Street that were built in 1971.

Another blog posting explains the legacy of Francois Fidele Pellissier and his family for which Pellissier Road and nearby Pellissier Place are named for.

At every turn there is a galloping tribute.

Garden art.

From this side of the fence the horse appeared to be metallic.

[Update 11-1-2016:  an energetic horse finishing up his exercise riding through the neighborhood and waiting to cross Peck Road.]

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