Wednesday, January 25, 2017 Los Angeles' Exposition Park

This post looks at the transformation from recent years in Exposition Park, as captured by this blogger's camera.  Nothing ever stays the same - soon to break ground is the construction of George Lucas' Museum of Narrative Art.

The Expo Line

The light rail opened in April, 2012:

Taken about 2011 along Exposition Boulevard
A test run on the train
Photo taken in late 2016

Space Shuttle "Endeavour" Comes to Los Angeles

The Endeavour's new home was profiled in this early blog posting after its arrival in September of 2012.

Otis Booth Pavilion at the Natural History Museum

The dramatic fa├žade housing the 63-foot-long fin whale skeleton was unveiled several years ago, on June 9, 2013, at the North Campus of the Natural History Museum.  Nearly 100 years earlier, on July 4th, the museum doors first opened to the public (months ahead of the official opening that was coordinated with the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct in November, 1913).

One can relive the spectacular unveiling at the museum YouTube channel.

Shown here are photos of the challenging construction work:

At the early stage of the project

The frame being added

From July 2012
Taken in early March, 2013

Workers installing the sheets of glass

Taken in late March, 2013

At the base of the pavilion
A recent photo

University of Southern California

The southern side of USC at Figueroa and Exposition now includes the Fertitta Hall.  It opened September, 2016 as the home for the USC Marshall School of Business.  Below are images chronicling the construction:

Google screenshot captured March, 2015.  Center is the dirt patch of the future building
Another screenshot from Google Maps showing the imposing crane during the beginning phase of construction
Captured by yours truly on the morning commute.  Date now forgotten...

Another morning shot of the ongoing construction

Brave men almost done with the roofing
Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The choice for the site of the George Lucas museum was announced recently.  It will be in Exposition Park, along Vermont Avenue, just south of Exposition Boulevard.  Its eastern boundary will be Bill Robertson Lane (unless it takes up this part of the street, too) next to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as well as the nearby Natural History Museum.  The reported plans are for takeover of two large public parking lots:

Panoramic photo taken January 24, 2017 with a view towards the parking lots.
The trees and the side street on the left separate the two lots

Additional three photos taken January 23rd from the Natural History Museum.  Shown in order of views from south to north

Just a closing shot - a view onto USC from the Natural History Museum - after a storm