Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tales from Simons Brickyard, by Frank Baltazar

Frank "kiki" Baltazar sent me a couple of comments on January 15th - thank you Frank!  I am re-publishing the comments on this post, so that readers can easily read what was said. 

Frank has a blog on boxing on the west coast.  Check it out by clicking here.  Here is what Frank wrote on January 15th, but he has provided more comments at the bottom of my August 4th, 2010 posting where I wrote about a Tour of Simons:

I lived in Simons "El Hoyo" from my birth in 1936 to 1952 when the brickyard was closed.

When we were living in Simons, our neighbor was a little old lady, Panfela, we called her Panfelita, Panfelita lived by herself and when she needed something from the Mom & Pop store she would ask me to go for her, she would ask me two or three times a day, I would jump on my bike go to the store for her, when I would come back and give her what she had order, she would tell me “might God pay you for your kindness” I would say to myself “yes because you will never pay me a dime”.

Anyway, Panfelita had a big white rooster, getting ahead of myself here on the rooster story.
In Simons there was lots of open land and the roads were all dirt, we didn’t have street lights. At night us young kids would light up a fire, one night one of the guys had an idea, “lets go steal Panfelita’s white rooster and we’ll cook him here on the fire”, so here we go about 4-5 of us kids, now this rooster was big and mean so nobody wanted to go into the coop and get him, finally Gilbert who we called Pachie said he would go into the coop, now Pachie was the smallest of us guys, don’t think he weighted more then 60 lbs, Pachie goes into the coop and suddenly there‘s a cloud of dust and all we could see was Pachie little feet stick out of the cloud of dust now an then. After a while Pachie won the fight and got the rooster, but let me tell you, that rooster beat the hell out of Pachie.

We ate the rooster.

Next morning my Mom and Panfelita were talking over the backyard fence, Panfelita was crying, I walked up to them and ask “what’s wrong?”, my Mom looked at me and said “somebody stole her rooster”, my mom gave me that looked that told me she knew I had something to do with the caper of “The Missing Rooster”.

We were not bad boys, I would like to think that we were just a little “mischievous”

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