Saturday, November 14, 2015

Farewell to Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, Whittier, Cal.

The city of Whittier had nine major food markets along Whittier Boulevard, not counting the Target at Whittwood Mall. 

As of Friday the 13th with the final closure of Fresh and Easy, there are now only eight, listed from west to east:  the Ralph's at Hadley, and a Stater Bros., almost across the street; a new Smart & Final at Greenleaf, replacing Albertson's; a new Vallarta Supermarket at the Quad, which replaced a Ralph's; the Ralph's at Colima Road, and Trader Joe's across the street; a Sprouts; and a Von's at Whittwood.

The abundance is fortunate in comparison to the dearth of food stores in other cities and neighborhoods.

I have been chronicling the demise; I will miss their New York style mini-bagels.  I started visiting the stores with frequency as their close-out notices arrived in my email account.

          October 23rd at the Pico Rivera store

The last of a hoard of F&E products
                                                                     October 31 at the Whittier store




The half-empty shelves and compartments are unsettling; something you'd expect to experience in a natural disaster.  I did not return to the store again after the 40%.

The impending closure was as expected on the superstitious Friday the 13th.  Then the hearts of all around the world were shattered by the Paris attacks.

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