Friday, August 27, 2010

A Dining Spot in Alhambra, Cal.

Henry's was located not far from Garfield Avenue and Valley Boulevard.  Its family chain of restaurants included Henry's of Glendale, Henry's Famous Rite Spot in Pasadena, and Carpenter's in Arcadia.

"All Featuring that Nationally Famous Chicken in the Rough."  (Somehow that does not sound very tasty.)

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Where Henry's once stood, Gourmet Island opened for business at the beginning of 2010.  In May, restaurant critic Jonathan Gold pronounced these adjectives on the cuisine:  "sweetness" and "light."
Gourmet Island's interior is clean and fresh, and the food is very decent.


  1. Hi Betty! I've passed by this place many times and didn't know. But now I do, thanks to you! ;)

  2. I pass by this a lot! Thanks for the info! -Annie

  3. Betty, our family used to eat here. There were carhops and the servers would bring your meals in trays. A special tray that would be placed on the steering wheel of the car and one for the window. In the summer, with the all the windows rolled down, it was nice to eat in the car with the warm wind and the smell of food. My parents told me that the next morning there would be crumbs of dinner on the floor. For coffee drinkers, they used to serve creme in a small glass bottle with a paper lid that you pull to open. This place brings back fond memories. Good job Betty,