Monday, August 30, 2010

Vacant Car Lots

Shuttered automobile dealerships are commonplace.  Here is a sampling along my routes:

On Las Tunas Drive, near the borders of San Gabriel and Rosemead, is an example of the state of the new century.
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In the city of Whittier, on the stretch of Whittier Boulevard between the two shopping centers, the Quad and Whittwood, there are indications of the city's four out of nine dealerships that have closed, including the Cadillac lot seen above.  The city is changing the zoning to allow non-automotive-specific businesses take over these parcels.
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Board Ford once operated at Whittier and La Serna, with homes of Friendly Hills just behind it.
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The building at 15311 Whittier Boulevard was built in 1970.
Board Ford now has security.

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