Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Look at Some San Gabriel Valley Businesses

Some noticeable changes to a couple of long-time businesses prompted me to document their existence in case they close up and their signs are taken down.  Their longevity in the area deserves recognition.  They represent the ways we used to shop in an earlier time when shopkeepers were independent.

Rosemead Pharmacy

Rosemead Pharmacy faces a Rite-Aid store directly across the street on Valley Boulevard.
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Bob Peterson owned Bob's Rosemead Pharmacy at an earlier location one block east at the corner of Rosemead and Valley, at 9001 Valley Boulevard, where the Citibank is currently located.  As early as 1953, Rosemead Pharmacy advertised in the paper, along with dozens and dozens of independent pharmacies.

Only animal figurines living in this drug store.

Above is an ad from the year 1957 for an Alhambra pharmacy.

Jenkins Products, Inc.

Jenkin's Carpets, at 1841 So. San Gabriel Boulevard was a store that was easy to overlook.

Until recently this San Gabriel store, long having been at this location, was still open for business.

This store was easy to bypass.  There were plenty of store windows, but the store exterior lacked appeal.  I shopped here in the early 1980s for beige mini-blinds.  In those years neither Home Depot nor 3-Day Blinds existed.  Maybe the store is just getting a face-lift.

Bob's Wondries Motors in Alhambra

A familiar car dealer from a 1957 ad.
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From Studebakers to Toyotas, this business has survived.


  1. Hey, we bought some flooring from Jenkins way back in the early 80's! So long ago I don't remember exactly what it was, but I think it was Mr. Jenkins himself who helped us. He seemed like one of those grumpy old men, haha.. but the products and service (and price) were excellent.

  2. Betty,

    Has my interst been piqued or what? Though I'll be at the LACMNH tomorrow, I will most defintely explore your blog further.


  3. I enjoyed your picture of "F.D. Titus and Son. The chap in the photo is Frank Titus, the second of four generations of Titus' in the business. His son, DeWight Titus, expanded the original retail business to three locations and a highly successful wholesale medical supply company which was finally sold to General Medical Corporation,

    The San Diego and Santa Ana Home Health businesses sold, Titus continued to operate out of a newer building further south on Garfield before closing a few years ago. The Titus family was nothing but class; Frank especially, an old school gentleman of the first order. Of historical note, (maybe), was that the family was long time members of the same Episcopal congregation in San Gabriel that the family of Gen. George S. Patton was.

    1. Oso Viejo, hello! It sounds as if you may have been a personal friend of the Titus family. I am a member of the family, and what a pleasant surprise to come across this picture. I was delighted to read your comments and will save this picture and your words to file. Thank you.

    2. Oso Viejo, hello! From what I have read in your post, appears that you may have been, or still are, a personal friend of the Titus family. It was delightful to come across this old photo from 1957. I was baptized and married at that church (Church of Our Savior) and proud to say I am a member of the family. Thank you for your endearing comments about Frank.

  4. Several years ago I purchased at a thrift store here in Tucson, AZ a Health O Meter vertical doctor's office style scale with height measurement. It is like new and still has a F.D.Titus and Sons label for the Home Health Center at 24 S. Garfield, Alhambra, CA. Probably 50 years old. Best and most accurate scale I've ever had. Just like the one my doctor still uses. On a whim I today did a search and found this blog. Quality product from what seems to have been a quality store. Sorry it isn't still in business so I could give an endorsement after all this time.

  5. Thanks David for letting me know about the quality scale you acquired. I'll bet it was made in the US of A. See the other comments here about the Titus family.