Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Street Naming Origins in Los Angeles County, Cal.

The origins for street names have been a frequent theme in previous postings for Los Angeles Revisited.  Here is a review:

Streets in the City of Los Angeles

College Street
Figueroa Street
Highland Avenue
Keller Street
Market Street & Requena Street (obsolete)
Mateo Street
McGarry Street
New High Street
Ord Street
Pico Boulevard
Ramirez Street
Spring Street
Vignes Street
Wilcox Avenue

Streets in the County of Los Angeles (Outside the Boundaries of Los Angeles City)

Cleminson Street
Coffman and Pico Road (just the Coffman)
Cogswell Road
Colima Road
Durfee Road
Guirado Street (obsolete from Los Nietos/Whittier)
Leffingwell Road
Orr and Day Road (just the Orr)
Passons Boulevard
Peck Road
Pellissier Place and Pellissier Road
Shallowbrook Road
Strong Avenue
Tweedy Lane

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